Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tunebase Fm Fuse Replacing Fast-acting With Slow-blow Fuses On Fm Transmitter?

Replacing fast-acting with slow-blow fuses on fm transmitter? - tunebase fm fuse

Thank you in advance to all who help me with this question ...
I have a car Belkin TuneBase FM transmitter for my iPod ... More recently, he burned the backup that was with him a 1A 250V fuse quickly came. I went to Radio Shack and buy exactly the same as always burned installed new Burn It Out (than 3 ms), when he came into contact with the power of cigarette lighter. Should I replace him) by a slow component (AMP and the same voltage? Increasing the amplifier? or it could be my power to the cigarette lighter of your car thingy?


  1. The fuses are protective or warning devices. They tell you if there is a problem.

    No substitute for a fuse with a higher rank, or MPA, a time interval (slow), if they do not even provide a time interval.

    There is a problem with your transmitter. If you could install a different backup eventually cause the thing to light a fire or burn them, that something can be expensive to fix.

    If you have friends who have in the electronic search.

  2. GNI sure you can replace the slow steps to implement this request, but if it blows, then you have a problem with the device.