Thursday, February 4, 2010

Coffee Table Plans In Kidney Shape What To Sit Glass On, Homemade Coffee Table...?

What to sit glass on, homemade coffee table...? - coffee table plans in kidney shape

My plan is to buy a piece of glass in a DIY store, which would be an appropriate size for my living room. Plan a simple way to keep the glass with some to my table () frameless glass coffee table. The question is, what I feel / prop glass on my table?

I had the idea of a coffee table for $ 1000 on e-bay .... ...

or maybe something like that? ...
or ...


  1. DO NOT BUY a piece of glass CUT TO TABLE! the use of tempered glass.
    If it is the normal sharp edges of the glass breaks. if the interruption by a person who could fall under the sharp edges to kill someone. When you buy a thicker glass is more difficult than most glass it becomes a problem if your chips fall. over the glass penetrates deeper into the body.
    Tempered glass is heat treated. is stronger and less susceptible to fractures. However, if it ever breaks broken into small round pieces is not a potentially deadly threat.

  2. Two decorative planters garden center
    Make sure the glass is pretty thick. The glass used in windows take.

  3. A good quality wood is always nice to make sure that enough to support them, though!