Friday, February 12, 2010

How Come I Cant Save My Data On My Emulator Can I Switch The HDD From One PS3 To Another, With No Worries ?

Can I switch the HDD from one PS3 to another, with no worries ? - how come i cant save my data on my emulator

The reason I ask that my PS3 crashed on me yesterday morning and can not go back. And I wonder whether I play to change the hard drive into another PS3, I with all my stored data.


  1. No, I'm tired of this and that didnt't work.

    I think there is something like a PS3 has a unique ID, based on the hard drive so that is when you pull on PS3 dead and laid in a new format and asked again if he did he lose everything

    I tried to get data from my hard drive for my PC, but apparently the PS3 has its own coding system to the computer does not recognize. Windows recgonize is an external drive, but does not specify an icon to open it with. I went to Sony and the man said to call their headquarters and they would be able to say how.

  2. Yes, it's really easy to separate. To save all the data are transferred to the game, but everything on the hard drive as video and music files had disappeared. You can drive as WD1600BEVSRTL Western Digital Scorpio 160 GB 2.5-inch SATA hard drive from Amazon for about $ 60. Open access to slot on the hard disk, remove the screw and lift the hard drive and put it in a simple, really.

  3. It is entirely possible.

    First. ensure that no power goes to the console.
    upside down and lift the lid open with a thin object.
    blue), the screw (for the maintenance of security and then lift the metal ring, such as the capture and drag to the right and drag. It will be in a metal frame, undo the 4 screws (on the sides again safely), then repeat the process for the implementation of a new console. when your done if you wish, you can use the hard drive capacity with a 2.5-inch SATA drive, a laptop could upgrade, the more to be sure 250GB. proceedure.then used exactly the same does not apply even 1080p downloads and a lot of PS outside the network, the Gaming Board to fast.

    A guideAnd what to do, go to youtube and search for "Update on the hard disk of the PS3. Take a look at 3-4 min with the symbol vid with a man in a blue shirt. Know the score.


  4. Of course you can ....