Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Constipation At 28 Weeks Pregnant I Am 10 Weeks Late But The Home Pregnacy Test Said Negative, Can I Still Be Pregnant?

I am 10 weeks late but the home pregnacy test said negative, can I still be pregnant? - constipation at 28 weeks pregnant

I've been married 28 years, and I haver had this problem before, but this time something is. My cycle is on 13 November, but was Novemebr 17, or atleast that's what I thought. It is very easy and looks more as if I were a prick my finger instead of a comprehensive plan of menstruation. I mean, I never light up. Looks so unlike the last time I had constipation and back pain not begin before 2 weeks. My breasts are not, however, are Senstive knickknacks and bumps on my nipples. I also feel the veins in my chest. And when I wake up in the middle of the night soaking oin sweat and turn on the fan. Aslso've received a lot of headaches and an attack on a great people. But when I was one of the first pregnancy test at home, said on Saturday thatnegative. I do not know what to do and my menstrual date will occur in the near future again without menstruation. No, I am not pointed out that I'm taking medication that she had 6 months ago.

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