Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funny Phone Voicemails Funny Things To Say On Your Cell Phone Voicemail?

Funny Things To Say On Your Cell Phone Voicemail? - funny phone voicemails

Me and my friend want to put something funny in our voice mail, but we can not think of anything. Lol. Ideas?


  1. "Hey whats up (pause) What I can not hear ya (pause to speak) still can not hear" (for the moment to scream on the phone) and then do not say leave a message there.

  2. I had a house on my answering machine and they are actually the people! How to download "cobwebs" by No Doubt. She has a beautiful chorus of Nice, under the slogan "I have my calls on the screen."

  3. I am like a tree swaying on a heavy load of fruit

  4. Hello? (Pause) Hello? (Pause) I can hear you tear ... or maybe it's because I'm here. Leave a message.
    * Dang! The person before me, beat me to it ...

  5. sumthun provided as
    Hello .. * Pause *
    whos this ... * Pause *
    oh wats up * pause *
    haha this is my answering machine leave a message

    and start talking actaully lol theyll be

  6. have the sounds of the activity of certain "," goes in the background with the message "I can not come to the phone right now, but I'll call you when you're done. There are some really funny sounds (people, animals and so on ) in used my friends in your mailbox and hysterical.

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