Thursday, January 28, 2010

Slanted Closet Putting Up A Closet?

Putting up a closet? - slanted closet

I moved into a new house and my room had no bars or something for me to hook something up there! I too am a woman, "very useful", but any advice would be very grateful because my drawer only instead of all the clothes and I also want a place to attract to my shoes. The company is a walk-in closet, but this kind of distortion at the top is not very dense. Answers, advice, materials and things that they need to make the closet, where I can buy material or immaterial to build would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much on !!!!!! Advance:)


  1. You can you need at your local hardware store and probably you were provided. You need to get rigid guard for them. Measure your closet from wall to wall and take measurements. Maybe they could cut to length for you. Measure of a point on each wall and select a it.Secure hook on the wall where it will be a cavity wall cavity wall anchor to use. Now the hard part is to push the hook on the rigid pipes elsewhere in the hanger that attaches to the wall. Now you can let other hangeragainst wall slidethe safekeeping. You want to 9th May attract Customs magnetic level and see if it is. I hope you can help me

  2. There are two types of do-it-yourself systems, facts ventilation wire components and components of solid particles with a high pressure plastic laminate produced.