Sunday, January 24, 2010

Funny Congratulations Messages New Baby Congratulations. You Have Just Discovered The Secret Message. Please Send Your Answer To Old Pink, Care Of The?

Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the? - funny congratulations messages new baby

.. Funny Farm, Chalfont.

Ten points for first person who can tell me who says it and where you can find (and here) is


  1. Scooter trasH (R.I.P. Les)January 27, 2010 at 9:28 AM

    This is a message on the wall Pink Floyd

    I think that's really the line of the soundtrack in place.

  2. Pink Floyd The Wall

    1 - Record 1, Part 2 (yes, vinyl records. Sorry, I do not think it works with the CD or cassette ... but see the PS below.)

    2 - Play Track 2 (cavities) and stop (eg, plate), immediately before Roger Waters starts singing (about 1 minutes 2 seconds after launch)

    3 - Now comes the hard part. No reactivation of the plate, turn the disk back (fingers, hands, head ... as you want!) In (approximately) with the right speed, 33 rpm. (This is the spider while the record is much more difficult in general. Believe me!)

    4 - Do you hear the middle notes of the guitar, a very low-pitched voice saying "Congratulations. You've just entered the secret message. Please send your answer to Old Pink, care of the Hacienda of fun." This was obviously aware recorded backwards.

  3. Since the beginning of "Empty Spaces / Young Lust", the theme of The Wall by Pink Floyd. This refers to the former guitarist of Pink Floyd Syd Barrett, the "original", the guitarist from the original lineup of Pink Floyd 60th Under his leadership, had Pink Floyd on the psychedelic rock scene of the post-British invasion of the United Kingdom known. But his experiences with drugs such as LSD, etc. renderred useless, progressive and early Pink Floyd was forced to resign. The version of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour and thus ends an era of psychadelia Floyd and help the transition to the new progressive rock scene of the 70s Britain. For much of the career of Floyd in the 70s, members of the band, especially bassist / lyricist Roger Waters, sitting near constant references to Syd, especially in the songs "Wish You Were Here," "Brain Damage / Eclipse "on the album Dark Side Of The Moon (1973) and" Shine On You Crazy Diamond "from the album Wish You Were Here (1975).
    When she started, Pink FloydWork on the wall, it seemed appropriate, Floyd, an integration of "secret" message to one of his pieces. The Wall, an album more philosophically chaotic and turbulent Floyd tells the story of a rock star known as Pink (probably supported an incarnation of Roger Waters), psychological oppression and loneliness in the next few days. Growing up in Britain after World War II increased the overprotective is suppressed by his mother, because of the absence of the father, killed in the war of the second word. As the story progresses, was Rose, now in retirement, an icon of the rock mass, a statistic that is at the Rose thought to freed from their old memories of oppression and shower him with pleasure. However, these memories of the oppression of women back to Pink when she appears as a kind of adventure that caused Rose, the world through a metaphorical wall requirement. In fact, Pink itself is a fusion of Roger Waters and Syd Barret personalities.

  4. "Empty Spaces" by Pink Floyd
    In the song "Empty Spaces" from the album "wall", says the opposite message, "Congratulations. You've just entered the secret message. Send your answers to old Pink, care of the Funny Farm, Chalford, United Kingdom.
    Brock Wade

  5. Smac Vacuum - Pink Floyd on their Syd.