Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hotel Booking Are Hotel Booking Websites For Prague Reliable?

Are hotel booking websites for Prague reliable? - hotel booking

I am planning a trip to Prague in the first week in November, and I found some sites hotel, the incredible offers for hotel rooms - as seems to offer a 4 star hotel rooms for only 31 euro / night! ...

This seems too good to be true, even less time, he was used to the sites before reserve and reliable?

Thank you.


  1. Hello,

    Hotels in Prague before a sharp decline in foreign tourists and a decline in business and leisure tourism, primarily because of the financial crisis, but also because Prague is uncredible number of beds, 120 bed facility, which is still more room in Vienna Experts still on the collapse of several hotels. You can see some good articles on this subject check out

    Travel sites to trust the agency with an office in Prague, as

    Good luck

  2. I assume you live in the United States. In Europe, a 4 star hotel is a 2-star hotel in the United States, when the mind is not worth the stars, unless there is a 5 star or 4 star hotel with an American name. to. I have stayed in many so-called 4-star hotels in Europe and the countries of the former Soviet bloc.