Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Msn Whores Addy CNN, CSpunk, MSN Etc. Missed Putting Out News On Norman Hsu - How Come?

CNN, CSpunk, MSN etc. missed putting out news on Norman Hsu - How come? - msn whores addy

This is the final week of the new ... But where were the prostitutes of the media in this ad?

Hsu, whose criminal past, the campaigns of presidential candidates (Democrats had interrupted), asking a judge to reduce by half the security of 2 million U.S., he sent last week, when he moved to years of 15 to escape a crime of theft conviction.

I added that the Democrats, because the media did not get very specific about Yahel. ...

The emptiness of the media on this more sucking Lewinsky / Clinton-85th Round


  1. I would say that the story is funny when Craig another scandal of the Clinton campaign came was down, Think, Craig bought away from this George Soros and paid for by the liberal press and the attack on the Republican Craig

  2. That's the problem with the entire policy in the United States for money ..... do not feel proud that we found a site on the Democrats ... I find dozens of Republicans and terrorist groups that helped fund the Bush campaign. You can also find. You do not just want.

  3. Who belongs to Tom Noe?