Thursday, January 7, 2010

Functional Autism Is There Sensory Integration Services Available For Adults With Autism?

Is there sensory integration services available for adults with Autism? - functional autism

Hello, I did not know Asperger's syndrome, and even into my adulthood. I wonder whether the treatment for adults on the autism spectrum available? I do not know to date, because the very fact that I am accustomed to human contact. That means I can overstimulation, which others can evaluate the basic physical situation obtained. Are there any reliable applications available to autistic adults who join the world of functionally in one?


  1. Looks like you are hypersensitive to touch, touch too defensive. It is a treatment that can help your problem. Wilbarger was created by Patty in life and there are therapists who are trained in deep pressure protocol (formerly known) as a brush. This treatment helps the body to adapt to the tactile information in a typical and a lower sensitivity.

    Emotional Factors May lead to some inconvenience, additional social / in close contact with the art, does not mean, but worth a try. You can search for classes or counseling to combat the social and emotional.

  2. You know, I know a couple who have four children. The father has Asperger's. Somehow they managed to spend some casual time together! This should give you hope. I understand the work with families of children with autism in my world differently and how education can be difficult for you!
    I also know there are many treatments and strategies here. There are many adults with Asperger's made the right kind of activity that is not much sensory stimulation and sensory therapies received, not intended for children, why not adults? Can Google and see if something in your neighborhood?