Friday, January 15, 2010

Numbness On Outside Of Leg When Standing Or Sitting I Am Getting A Numbness On Outside Of My Right Leg And It Is Just On The Outside Part

When standing or sitting i am getting a numbness on outside of my right leg and it is just on the outside part - numbness on outside of leg

is just outside the leg and foot extension at the hip. and only when I click on the "right" position?


  1. do you play the piano? my husband has seen chiropracters, sport therapists, p.t.s, neurologist,podiatrists, has had catt, mri (head) x-rays, catt or mri(?) of low back. nothing conclusive or helpful. he plays the piano and it's the 'pedal' foot that's the main problem. foot and back of leg get somewhat numb - what do you think?

  2. Well, I'm facing the same problem! Except that my left leg. It radiates from my lower back, hip, knee and foot at times. It is called sciatica. Reacently a bad back? Or maybe a long time and you can not bear. It hurts me a long time ago. I had an MRI, but show nothing, but I have this problem. Good luck! To Dr.