Friday, November 13, 2009

What Does Cervical Fluid Look Like Before Period What Could The Fluid In My Pelvis Mean?

What could the fluid in my pelvis mean? - what does cervical fluid look like before period

My whole life I have had irregular intervals, but here they have recently, more and more crazy ... I havent my tenure in less than 3 months, what had ever happened to me. Secondly, before that happens, I had my last two cycles, bleeding between myperiods one months there were 3 or 4 episodes of bleeding, which lasted several days each. Ok, so I had my time in 3 months I havent had a pregnancy test, of course, I did not say in pregnant, I did a test in the Dominican Republic and were negative, then .. .

The doctor has all of my other symptoms: fatigue, abdominal pain, back pain, frequent urination, constipation, more gas, and a few other symptoms that do not remember anymore .. So he decided to send me an ultrasound of my belly ... Cysts encountered in the field of ultrasound and an abnormal amount of fluid in the pelvis. Now, with all that I am a little worried because my mother had cancer of the cervix when she was 20, my grandfather died of cancer at the young age of 60. I can not imagine it could f be a bad situationor do I ... Can anyone give me some advice on the pelvis fluid? I think the reading of these questions posted on Internet sites but not binding in the informal liquid in the pool, everyone has an idea, but no real explanation ... my usual dr even told me what he thinks it could be, say, they know, and so he ordered a blood test for me. I am very concerned, and if anyone been there and knows what it is, please help or if anyone knows a website, you can search for information? one billion thank you!


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  1. If your doctor tells you that you do not know because he has none. Doctors as monitor developments and usually only speaks when he can feel safe enough.
    Cancer is rarely hereditary. Obviously, your grandfather was not a gynecological cancer and is not affected, and if you have cancer of the cervix were found in Pap test if the cancer is also irrelevant to his mother.
    The medical term for fluid in the abdominal cavity and / or pelvis is ascites. The most common cause of liver cirrhosis and suffer severe liver disease. There is also a symptom of ovarian cancer, as his other symptoms. Do not you think it is necessary for you to renew your doctor, because I'm sure that what you want to check on.
    I understand that there is always a sure thing, because it is not. Normally, when the cysts are found in large 8 cm in women before menopause, the doctor will put you on the pill for several months as a regression of benign lesions. The fact that your doctor does not obtain ascites on physical examination of aND, which was found on ultrasound, is cystic and solid, are not good things.
    Sorry if I trust the care that I do not want a. I caused, it works well for you.