Sunday, November 15, 2009

Replacement Boombox Antenna Where Can I Find A Replacement Antenna For My Boombox?

Where can I find a replacement antenna for my boombox? - replacement boombox antenna

I have a portable CD player from Memorex and the first day I had to clean my drunk friend to the broken antenna. Here is a link to the CD, which I purchased a Model # MP4047: ...
I have it at Target. Remove I open the CD, and broke the antenna and I've just found a new, so it can again in welded I tried the Memorex web site, but not interchangeable in the context of the consumer. Does this mean that I can not buy the replacement? It is indeed something I can do, and I am not only the $ 40 I paid for it. Does anyone know a website you can order spare parts, so I do not care if it is OEM, as it fits and works. Please help, thank you.

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