Friday, November 13, 2009

Mandi Was Anyone Else Bummed That Mandi Was Sent Home On Biggest Loser?

Was anyone else bummed that Mandi was sent home on biggest loser? - mandi

I think it was the strongest part of the blue team and was a big mistake to send her home. I do not think that they accept all the challenges that without winning it! Who can you earn?


  1. I think it was a great mistake to send home this week and has been an even bigger mistake to get home before you send Danish. I understand that trying to Kristen, Cathy and Ron to stay together in order to abolish the butts of their own salvation, but sabotage their chances of winning challenges, keeping the weaker players (like Ron) exists. I like the candidates on this season, but my favorite is Kristen. She works very hard, not for good reasons, and seems to be really good! Go Kristen!

  2. It was now clear that the blue team is a game that long. Kirsten and her mother think of the top 3 and so we have to make these crazy decisions. Okay if that is what they do, but they should not complain about the loss of the challenges b / c they send their best players. Mandi, I am outraged to go home because I only just started his taste. I think it was nice of you to give your sister a chance for B / CB / w need their sister more at this point. I also believe that his sister, his chance to shine and be really motivated. I think it was a good idea. I'm really sorry that Philip was not sent home b / c now I'm anti-black B / C from him and his childish antics. So it was sad to see that go Philip Mandi blow.