Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Office Equipment Rental This Is A Warm Up Exercise Any Ideas Where To Start?

This is a warm up exercise any ideas where to start? - office equipment rental

The net profit of Alpha and Omega was wrong in the $ 547,715 for the year ended 31 December indicated. You are the counter announced that determine the correct net income. After examination of the accounts, the following errors:

Exaggerated Sober
(1) office (end) $ 115
(2) depreciation, the construction of 5800
(3) depreciation, the team $ 650
(4) Salaries payable (end of) 1600
(5) Prepaid insurance (year end) 4400
(6) Revenue Expenditure 500
(7) Financial expenses in 1200
(8) Provision for taxes 950
(9) service charges in 2500 acquired
(10) Rental Income 500

Find the right Alfa Net profit for the year.

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